Menu recommendations for Canan Karatay Diet

Canan Karatay draws attention to artificial sweeteners. She says artificial sweeteners are 600 times sweeter that the normal table sugar. She generally suggests people to eat walnuts for breakfast, and vegetables for lunch. She strongly recommends using olive oil in the meals. For dinner, she suggests eating same kind of meals as lunch but she warns not to eat dinner after 8:00.

Artificial sweeteners are poisonous

Sucralose based sweeteners, marketed as aspartame and saccharin free, are 600 times sweeter than table sugar. 200 grams of sweetener contains 96 calories and 32 grams of sugar. They are recommended for obesity, diabetes and those who want to lose weight. However, patients are not even aware that they consume many harmful chemicals. These patients must be aware that they are poisoned by artificial sweeteners.

After dinner, banana is stored as fat

According to Karatay, organic fruits that are grown in natural ways without using any chemicals are very healthy and should be consumed. The sugar content of the fruit determines the glycemic index. Because of this, the consumption quantities, times and shapes of the fruits can make them healthy or unhealthy for our bodies. For example, a banana to be eaten in the morning and breakfast in the autumn and winter, provided that you do not eat another sweet and sugary food during the day, is healthy because the energy it gives can be burned in the day, even though the glycemic index is high. However, if the same banana is eaten on a full stomach after dinner and is then fed, it is unhealthy for night energy to be stored as fat.

Olive is the most natural fruit

Many people in the country eat half a watermelon , 2 figs, 1 bunch of grapes every day in summer without even knowing they have diabetes. Where happened to the 5-day fruit recommendation? This dietary recommendation is now history. The habit of eating fruit to lose weight after dinner is very dangerous and unhealthy. In summer, instead of lunch, eating a small bowl of strawberries with natural yogurt or a little white cheese can be healthy for the body. However, when a large slice of watermelon or a bowl of strawberries on a meaty, vegetable dish is consumed, it becomes unhealthy. Because, in this case, the body converts the excess energy into direct storage oil. Foods like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and olives meet the need for natural fruit. Especially olives, can be consumed abundantly. ”

The risk of being paralyzed can be prevented

We can reduce the risk of being paralyzed seen in obese people or people who have diabetes. The easiest, simplest and cheapest way to reduce this risk is to avoid foods that are high in glycemic index, such as burdock, starchy pastries and sugary drinks that have been processed in excessive quantities and are quickly digested and rapidly elevated in blood sugar! The easiest thing to do is to avoid excessive consumption of fruit, excessive consumption of freshly squeezed or fabricated fruit juices, sugary drinks, refined beans and pastries, bread, pasta and breakfast cereals. ”

The dried fruit that is eaten after meals is unhealthy

If you have not eaten any fruit during the day and you are not too hungry, instead of dinner, a bowl of yogurt can be consumed with dry fruits like 3-4 pieces of day-dried apricots (orange unhealthy), 2-3 pieces of dried plums, 1 piece of dried figs. This will be healthy if they are eaten without a meal. However, even if you have  eaten before 19.00-20.00 , it is unhealthy when you eat the same dried fruit over a meaty, vegetable or leguminous meal eaten with your salad and ayran and then sleeping. Because in this case the body will transform the excess energy into direct fat. 

‘Obesity, diabetes, heart disease is not genetic’

These diseases are not genetic. They are the results of wrong lifestyles and diets. The diets that recommends five meals a day are not healthy. If you eat little but more that three times a day, your metabolism increases but at the same time your blood sugar and insulin level stays high. In the long term you end up getting more weight.